The more I read about this car the more it starts to feel like it’s the type of car for people who go “I don’t need that shit”. I spent about an hour looking at dealer photos of 4cs from around the country ( and every little bit reminds me of my race car. I can't wait. » 5/04/15 7:56pm Yesterday 7:56pm

Not really car suspension but very common in the truck market. Behold, rubber spring walking beam suspension. Really any walking beam suspension. The intent is to evenly distribute load between the rear tandem axles. Supposedly, the rubber springs provide a good enough ride. See the video and it shows a little bit of… » 5/04/15 11:06am Yesterday 11:06am

This is probably true for CATIA V4, which the last company I worked at was still doing new design in (this was 2009, roughly 10 years after V4 went obsolete). V5, not as bad as IDEAS. I assume V6 is comparable to NX since much of the auto industry uses either CATIA or NX. All that I will say is that, for automotive or… » 5/01/15 1:20pm Friday 1:20pm