Totally agree. In the height of the Cold War, defense spending was incredibly high and many projects were black projects as you said. There wasn't the outrage (well, as much) huge defense budgets either because a lot of the research and projects the general public didn't know about and the threat of global nuclear war… » 12/21/14 12:15am Yesterday 12:15am

Never had any problems? In an Escort no less! Color me impressed. They're fine when they work like they are supposed to but they get hug up, the motor goes out, it makes getting in and out of the car quickly a pain. They are more or less rife with problems along with ththe fact that you have 2 buckles to undo (one of… » 12/19/14 5:04pm Friday 5:04pm

I don't think it should be rules about the Internet. I think there should be a voluntary security standard established that is approved by the government or third party and regularly audited. How this gets enforced is beyond me, maybe there is a tax break for it or some other kind of incentive for complying with it. » 12/19/14 3:44pm Friday 3:44pm

I think she's in the "this sounds healthy so I'm going to try it" boat. I think, as others have said, she is going to find out that being vegan is really hard. Also, being vegan is not necessarily more healthy. The part that's more healthy about it is cutting out the excess. Butter, cheese, and milk are perfectly… » 12/19/14 12:43am Friday 12:43am